HOW TO SEE IT @ together 2012 >> INFO HERE

For together 2012 artist Mark Skwarek complete 2 works –

The 1st turned the Mass Ave, area of Central Square, Cambridge, MA into “Landscape Graffiti” with augmented reality.

“togethAR” was a collaboration with dj/vj Serial Krusher.  The sound track is by Serial Krusher

Mega Minor 3
East Coast Bass Compilation
Vermin Street 2012


Skwarek has also been put in charge of the annual “together parade”.

The works can be viewed on supported mobile devices.

The annual “together parade “

[images from 2011 parade shown bellow]

All the hype surrounding last years “together parade” has pushed the producers of this years event to new extremes. Although still largely under wraps the annual 2012 together parade is being touted as the “must see” event of together 2012. Due to budget cuts surrounding the financial crisis the length of the parade has been shortened. Some of the above locations will not be on this years parade route.

The 2012 together AR parade will take place from April 2-8 [and beyond..].

The parade will run up Mass Ave in the Central Square area.

*****YOU can add stuff to the parade!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Make a wish and send it to me in an email and I will try to make it come true!

Email me the wish here-

The parade updates bi-daily

Get more info on together 2012 here.

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